reclame die werkt

      If you want to know about the power of persuasive copywriting,

just read this story


      A big city ad agency copywriter travelled to work by the same

route every day – and each morning he passed a blind beggar sitting on the pavement. In front of the beggar was a sign that read: ‘I am blind.’ Next to the sign was an old tin can that was, almost invariably, empty of coins.

      The copywriter felt sorry for the blind beggar and resolved to help him; so one bright blue April morning when newly blooming flowers were a cascade of colour and trees were unfurling their fresh green leaves to the sun, he made his move. Unbeknown to the blind man, the copywriter took out his pen and added just four words to the beggar’s sign. That evening on his way home, the copywriter was gratified to see that the beggar’s tin was full of coins; the copywriter’s gift of words had paid rich dividends.


      Run your mouse over the picture to find out what the copywriter wrote.